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Everyone involved with California Hunting is a true outdoorsman.
"Keep The Tradition Alive!"

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Angelo Nogara - President of California Hunting Angelo Nogara
President of California Hunting

4-Time California State Broadhead Champion
2005, 2007, 2008 and 2010 (Bowhunter Freestyle Limited)
Angelo Nogara broke the California State Record with this non-typical
      blacktail taken with his Mathews bow in July of 2005.
Angelo Nogara broke the California state record with this tremendous non-typical blacktail taken with his Mathews bow in July of 2005. Since then the record has been broken once again. This buck is currently ranked as the California #2 Non-typical Blacktail taken with a bow.
Gross Score: 165 1/8 points
Net Score: 157 3/8 Pope & Young points
Outside Spread: 26 1/2 inches
A Member of the following organizations:
Pope & Young Club
National Field Archery Association (NFAA)
California Bowmen Hunters (CBH)
State Archery Association (SAA)
California Deer Association (CDA)
California Waterfowl Association (CWA)
Silverado Archers
Hasting's Island Hunting Preserve
A Freelance Outdoor Writer for the following magazines:
Bow and Arrow Hunting Magazine
TurkeyCall Magazine (NWTF)
California Game & Fish Magazine
Oregon Game & Fish Magazine
Washington Game & Fish Magazine
Rocky Mountain Game & Fish Magazine
The President of California Hunting is an accomplished tournament archer and an avid bowhunter. He has taken numerous Pope & Young-class trophies throughout the years, including a tremendous California state record non-typical blacktail deer in 2005. Photos and articles of his hunting adventures have been featured in magazines throughout the United States. He has placed in the top three positions in the Bowhunter Freestyle Limited (BHFSL) division while competing in several California State Field, State Broadhead and National Marked 3D Championships. He is a four-time California State Broadhead Champion, taking first place in 2005, 2007, 2008 and 2010.
"I've been hunting throughout California for most of my life. To me, nothing compares to the sheer pleasure of being in the mountains and witnessing its natural beauty. I consider hunting more than just a sport. It is a way of life for me. I enjoy every minute of it, whether I am successful in bringing home game or not. It's a chance to be in tune with nature and witness things which most people only have the opportunity to see in magazines or on television.
What we are trying to accomplish with this site is to give you, California's outdoorsmen, the ability to find the information needed to plan your next outdoor adventure, and build memories which will last a lifetime."
"Keep the Tradition Alive!"
Angelo Nogara, President of California Hunting
Everyone involved with California Hunting is a true outdoorsman. Dedicated rifle hunters and bowhunters who spend the majority of their time in the field. A rare breed that would rather hunt during their spare time than do anything else. The information being presented in this site is being supplied to you by California's true hunters.
The "Wolfpack" is the backbone of California Hunting. These outdoorsmen are responsible for the constantly updated information which is presented to you in our site. They are also your outdoor connection, giving you the edge on your next hunting adventure in our "Hot Spots" page. Its members are a dedicated group of individuals who believe in keeping the tradition of hunting alive. Those of you who are interested in becoming a member of the "Wolfpack", please click on the link below.
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